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My experience with Rove Concepts

If you are a fan of midcentury style as we are, then you must be familiar with the struggle of finding the right place to shop for your designs. Ordering from European manufacturers holding the license can be rather pricey, especially when you count in the costly shipping from the old continent. And if you tried your luck at second-hand shops, you probably know that more often than not, the cost of restoration of old vintage design can more than triple the price you got it for. So, for most of us, US and Canada companies specializing in midcentury design are the best and most affordable option.

The market isn’t exactly saturated, but it isn’t too hard to find what you’re looking for either. Ensuring the best quality for your money is a whole different story and again, more often than not, you end up relying on luck primarily, hoping that you’ll get what you saw on the site, that is, unless you’re lucky enough that you can visit a showroom nearby.

I decided to write this Rove Concepts review so I could share my experience with you guys. However, this is my first, and for the time being last time ordering from Rove Concepts, so my experience is rather limited. For more info, I would recommend checking their trustpilot page which has a decent amount of reviews.

Rove Concepts is a company that has been around for some time and it has a decent amount of exposure and positive reviews online, so I decided to give it a try. We were looking for a nice and unimposing sofa for our new living room and RC’s Florence Loveseat seemed absolutely stunning. So, we chatted a bit with the customer service and after being ensured that there is no reason to worry, we made our order and didn’t bother to check it out in the showroom.

The delivery was a bit longer than originally agreed upon, but still reasonably quick, especially since I am located quite a distance away from the city center, so I am used to delivery guys taking their time when coming in my direction. After the delivery, I had much bigger problems. Namely, the sofa arrived damaged – by the looks of it, honestly, I think it was a production defect, as upholstery on one side was sewn noticeably skewed and the leg on the same side was also slightly angled, compromising the stability of the sofa.

When we contacted the customer service, they were rather polite and listened to our problem, but it turned out that their return and replacement policy is absolutely horrible. We were expected to cover the total shipping costs for the return which amounted to over a third of the sofa price, plus 15% restocking fee, plus the shipping costs of sending the new sofa. All in all, it ended up being way too expensive for us, especially when you count in the risk that you will get yet another damaged product.

So, we gave up on the whole replacement idea, and I called my friend who fixed the sofa for less than 100$ which is more than three times cheaper than just the return shipping costs.

Now, to tell the truth, things like these happen even to the best of companies out there, so damaged good isn’t as much of a problem as the rude replacement policy which isn’t made clear as it should be before purchase. With that being said, the couch wasn’t completely bad and after invested more into it to fix the problem, we love how it looks in our living room.

Rove Concepts have a very good offer of midcentury furniture, from lamps to chairs and sofas, but for me personally, this chain of unlucky events made me become a bit skeptical about ordering from RC again (which doesn’t mean I won’t at some point in the future).

Overall, the idea behind Rove Concepts is very sound and I love the look of their website as well as diversity of their offer. But would be much more pleased if they take extra precautions to show that they care about their customers and what they have to say. I know that covering your shipping costs in case of a return or replacement is a fairly common practice, but the price quickly became way too high for something which is their mistake, not my change of mind.

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