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My Experience With ICONS22

I have great news for everyone that, like me, loves mid-century style furniture. ICONS22 is a company that specializes in selling old Scandinavian inspired furniture. What is fantastic is that they are actually based in Canada. If you know the market or follow us, you know how hard it is to get Nordic designs over here. So, you can understand our excitement when we stumbled upon the Icons22 website.

They are a relatively new company, so it’s hard to find a lot of information or online reviews. What is clear is that they are not new to this industry. Also, ICONS22 offers incredibly well-crafted furniture, staying dedicated to the original design as much as possible. Well…at least, they are promising that their team is working closely alongside the manufacturers, to ensure the premium quality of their furniture pieces.

As always, we are going to test those quality claims for ourselves. ICONS22’s website experience is quite enjoyable. It’s well organized and product descriptions are offering a lot of in-depth information. I especially like the different types of images, so you can really have a clear idea about what you are buying. The shipping process is explained in detail as well. We didn’t see any hidden costs or shipping fees.

Items selection is limited only to chairs and lamps. To be honest, we were looking forward to seeing much more. Still, ICONS22 focus is clearly on recreating the most iconic and well-known Scandinavian furniture designs. For example, you can find a lot of Hans Wagner’s legendary pieces.

One potential problem is the shipping. They apparently only have a warehouse in the US. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to wait for more than a few weeks for delivery. Shopping basket experience is easy and a buying form is pretty quick to fill. I have to highlight that you will not get all shipment and tracking info in one email. Nevertheless, their customer support is awesome. So, you can get the info about the state of your shipment very quickly.

We already have a nice collection of the Wishbone chairs. This time we decided to order the Lounge chair and Wagenfeld lamp. I always wanted to possess my own proper Lounge chair. The price is decent, certainly much lower than you would expect for premium mid-century furniture.

Our chair arrived after less than three weeks. Surprisingly, it was alone and we waited 3 more days for a lamp. It was a courier service mix up and customer support was very helpful.

The quality of the Lounge chair is fantastic. Italian leather is exquisite, plywood finishing is incredibly well made. Most importantly, it is super comfortable. I got my own piece of the American dream and I am quite happy to say it’s made of premium quality. A Wagenfeld lamp is pretty good as well. It looks nice and it works! Sorry, but I am not into lamps and I can’t say much more than that.

Our overall experience with the ICONS22 is a very positive one. It would be nice if their selection of items is bigger but it’s understandable that they are focused only on premium furniture pieces. Courier service is bad, which is not big news for anyone.

In general, with ICONS22 you can expect premium quality mid-century Scandinavian furniture at surprisingly affordable prices. We are happy that they have a presence in North America. For us Americans, it’s one of the few good options on the market. Hopefully, they will soon open showrooms here as well.

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