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Icons Of Manhattan – My experience of their products

It is important that you find a good brand that you can trust when buying, especially if you are looking for a mid-century designed furniture pieces. In order for you to make the right choice we are going to go trough some of the items that I have personally bought from Icons of Manhattan. Hope this experience will bring you some second hand experience before you decide to buy some of the products yourself.

Best Products From Icons of Manhattan

When I first discovered Icons of Manhattan I was very pleased with the whole service and their core products. Even though it’s a fresh start for them among the new wave of furniture brands, you could say that they are a true undiscovered goldmine when it comes to the quality and pricing of their products. I have ordered a couple of their most sold chairs and thought that it would be a good idea to try giving you guys an honest description and help you choose the best fitting one for your home interior.  Making that right choice when buying a chair can often be a difficult task as matching the quality, price and aesthetics is never less than challenging. No need to worry though, whether you need a comfortable chair or great aesthetics that stands out you will definitely find what you are looking for.

If You Need Comfort Lounge Chair is what you’re looking for

One of the chairs that really drew my attention when I first entered the Icons of Manhattan website was definitely their Lounge Chair. The design itself was different and unique so honestly, it was hard to miss it, but I was still concerned about the specifics of the chair itself. Many times people just see the aesthetics while completely neglecting the other important factors that can be crucial for longevity. With the lounge chair, it’s all about comfort and durability so I wanted to make sure those quality stats are checked before deciding if the chair is worth buying. The fact that there is a detailed description of the product with all the specifications is something very useful and very important for me. Honestly, it also gives you security when buying. After the chair was finally bought a couple of months passed and I could start seeing all the different benefits. One of the biggest advantages was certainly the ottoman that came with the chair. With the option to stretch your legs out it really maximizes the comfort feeling to its greatest extent. Whether you want to read a book, watch a movie, or even eat some ice-cream this piece of furniture can serve its purpose.

There are also several different upholstery colors, leather types, and wood veneers that you can choose from in order to combine and customize the chair depending on your taste in aesthetics. The chair itself is available in:

  • Black
  • White
  • Brown
  • Cream

The leather types are Italian and vegan leather while you can also choose from the different types of veneers which are: palisander, walnut, and black ash.

Also, one thing that you should know is that when you receive the chair it will need a small assembly but nothing that is too complicated. As the chair comes in two separate boxes you will just need to screw the seat onto the base.

Wishbone Chair – A Classic For Your Dining Room

If you are searching for a chair that has that minimalistic but yet unique Scandinavian design I’m pretty sure that you would love the wishbone chair. Even though Icons of Manhattan has a very limited number of products the ones that they offer are pretty much-limited classics that can be functional in your everyday life. So I ordered my Wishbone Chair not too long ago and except the delivery time that was slightly longer than I expected every part of the delivery was perfect. The chair is generally light and it weighs around 11 lbs, however, it is very durable and can withstand somewhere around 300 lbs if I am not mistaken. As well as for all the other products there is an option to customize your chair in terms of colors of the chair and the seat.

Different variations that you can choose from  are:

  • Black
  • White
  • Canadian Ash
  • Canadian Oak
  • German Beech
  • Walnut

Also, you can pick your favorite seat being either natural or black.

What I found very interesting is that even though the chair is meant for dining you can put in different places in your home and still get the same aesthetic feeling. They are perfect for outdoors and can decorate your balcony or backyard amazingly.

After a bit of research on this interesting piece of furniture, I have found out that it is actually pretty famous in terms of choice with customers from all around the world. It seems that popularity comes from the fact there is a great balance between the quality and the price as well as the representation of the Scandinavian Design that values the beauty of simplicity. It is a solid choice if you want to test your first order and decide on buying more products. From my personal experience, I can say that you won’t go wrong with the choice.

Can this Office Chair Increase Your Productivity?

Everyone is searching for a good office chair these days, which is more than obvious due to the current situation that the world is facing. The problem is that so many different companies want to use this opportunity and sell overpriced office chairs which are not economically effective. When I stumbled across the office chair from Icons of Manhattan the reasonable price that I saw was a double-edged sword honestly. It was necessary to ensure that I am not buying something that is not built to last. After looking at all the specifications which looked good at the first glance I kinda needed to take a chance and gamble so I can create a review with the hope that what was on the website is what I will get in real life.

To be honest I was positively surprised with the feats. The chair comes in different variations which are all fitting for a particular type of body and personal taste.
Between them all, you can choose 3 different backrest versions which are: soft, medium, and tall. As I understood the soft one was made for the purpose of comfort. The medium was the most balanced one while the tall version was best for the back. Originally, I bought the medium version and the amount of stability and comfort was pretty amazing.

The Overall Impression On Icons Of Manhattan

I must say that the whole experience with their core products gave me a real insight into how Icons of Manhattan operates as well as the quality of their products. From my point of view, it is pretty certain that if you are searching for a good place to find quality furniture at a reasonable price you definitely won’t go wrong with those 3.

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