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My experience with ByBespoek

For all of you midcentury style enthusiasts, we have another special treat for you today. Another review of the company specializing exclusively in dealing with classic midcentury designs and that came from Europe to bring their offer to the US market. Our more dedicated readers might be familiar with how much we love midcentury style and we hope you do too. Of course, getting your hands on these designs in the US has always been a bit tricky. Not only are the license holders rather unwilling to compromise on their often inflated prices, but the shipping from Europe is undeniably costly and is sure to hit hard on your valet. So, any local company specializing in this type of furniture is something we are looking forward to checking out.

When we stumbled across ByBespoek, we were pleasantly surprised. It seems that these guys are rather experienced in the industry, but back across the pond, in the old continent. So, they are a rather fresh addition to the US market, which was a slight plus for me and it certainly peaked my curiosity.

So, I went to the website to browse it and make a test order so I could compile this review. The first thing that you can notice is that the website is rather clear and easily navigable. According to the front page, ByBespoek specializes in two types of midcentury designs, chairs and lamps. Both categories are relatively limited, numbering some 80+ designs which include all types of lamps (floor, table, wall and pendants) as well as dining, lounge and office chair, with a modest collection of bar and counter stools. There is a nice of addition of some other elements.

When it comes to offer, it is not as diverse as is the case with some of the competitors, but every single design in their offer is either a recognizable classic, or a variation on a classic design, so if you are familiar with the history of midcentury design, you will certainly enjoy browsing through the website as you are bound to encounter some of the most iconic models. Even though ‘midcentury’ is written all over ByBespoek reviews and website, the company is rather limited to the Scandinavian midcentury first and foremost (although, to be honest, in the lighting section there is quite a significant number of French and Italian works).

So, for my test order, I got Wishbone chair replica which seems to be their core product, and a couple of AJ lamps (two table lamps, one floor lamp). The shopping experience is fairly enjoyable and simple. The thing I absolutely love is that on the checkout page the website automatically shows you the breakdown of the total cost which includes the price of the product(s) plus the shipping costs calculated based on your address. You get all this without actually committing to the purchase which is very fair. There are no hidden costs and what you see is what you pay, which is a huge plus for me.

Speaking of checkout page, ByBespoek also offers you a fairly affordable SMS notification service which you can purchase on the checkout page, plus a very cute offer to add additional 12 bucks to your order which will be used for reforestation efforts in the region of the US you choose. This was a bit of a flag for me and wanted to check it out, even though the price is rather low. But, the company they partnered with for this checks out and is not only legit, but also a kind of a leader in the industry, so I was very pleased that even this was absolutely legit.

When I completed my purchase I got a decent amount of emails containing my invoice and notification about estimated time of delivery, return and refund policies and everything else you might need to know. I would love if this was all sent in one email, but I still love the transparency and fairness, so I was very confident that all will turn out fine.

The delivery time was a bit longer than I they promised, but still not too much, we are talking about several days difference. The Wishbone chair was superb and I loved it at first sight. I got an oak model, knowing that most reproduction companies don’t pay enough attention to oak processing resulting in rough surface, but this was very far from the truth. The chair was absolutely stunning and very smooth to touch, but with a lovely rustic oak texture. Table lamps were ok (after all, not much can go wrong with these), but the table lamp was clearly damaged, yet so was the box, so I think it was clear it got damaged in transport.

I contacted the customer service and made an inquiry about that. I was a bit annoyed that I had to send them photos of both the box and the lamp, but once I did, they promised to take care of it. I still had to cover the shipping costs which weren’t all that expensive as their warehouse is located in Texas, but aside from that I had no additional costs and got a replacement within three days.

So, my overall experience with ByBespoek was more than positive, but still fairly limited. However, searching for ByBespoek reviews online is not likely to provide you with much more info since the company is fairly new in the US. I think they would certainly benefit from more consistent delivery times and maybe a wider offer, but aside from those comments, I think it is fair to say that the company is doing fairly good and manages to keep the prices even surprisingly affordable, especially when you keep in mind the quality which is truly superb.

So, if you decide to buy from ByBespoek, don’t forget to throw a review on trustpilot or wherever you see fit. Let’s give these Europeans a warm welcome to the States and help them build their business here – as I am sure we will all enjoy if we continue having such lovely midcentury designs just a couple of clicks away.

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