Employee Engagement on the Rise

By: Lauren Dixon

A Wall Street Journal article detailed a recent Gallup survey that found that one in three employees are “strongly attached to their jobs and organizations,” and 30 percent of employees are “engaged or involved, enthusiastic, and committed to their jobs,” –an increase of two percentage points from 2010.

It is refreshing to know that workers are increasingly connected and happy on the job, caring about what they do at work and their co-workers. Studies have shown that happier employees are apt to do better work and apply more energy and effort to their work– and clients and customers notice. Employees who feel valued, rewarded, and appreciated by their organization are better connected to their workplaces and communities.

The Wall Street Journal article described a specific employee type–the “organization-lover.” This person is intent on living company core values, and maintains a strong commitment to a mission and vision. A litmus test for determining if someone is an “organization-lover” is if in response to the cocktail party question “what do you do,” this person responds by naming their employer rather than their specific job–in contrast to others who act as free agents with less of a company mentality. They are working for a paycheck and less likely to feel drawn to a company mission.

There is room in the workplace for a variety of employee types– it is refreshing to know that employees are more engaged and connected to their companies and the trend is continuing!

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