Tip of the Week: Create a Sunny Summer Workplace

by Lauren Dixon

As employees prepare for the summer months and request vacation time, how can employers make adjustments to ensure a smooth-functioning summer workplace?

Time away from work is important – there is much to be gained from a respite from the office. Work/life balance is increasingly cited by workers as a key concern, with employees valuing time with friends and family outside of work.  Time off doesn’t mean you aren’t getting the best from your employees – in fact, taking time off can help to energize and inspire workers.

To ensure that employees understand how much you value time off, a handwritten note from the CEO or President or Department Head thanking them for their hard work and efforts would be a nice gesture. I have found that a sincerely personal approach goes a long way to “send off” each employee and make them feel appreciated.  Then, they will come back with an amazing spirit to hit the ground running. Everyone benefits from time off – be sure you make the most of your summer vacations with thoughtful coordination and advance preparation!

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