Crazy people have more fun!

By Marita Greenidge

Call me crazy, but I’ve started another business! Yes, my first business is only one year old but here I am with a new venture. Why did I start another business? I saw a fantastic opportunity and I took it! I will not be going at this alone. Whereas I started my first company on my own, for this second venture I have a partner.

So what exactly is this second enterprise? It’s a personal selling and fulfillment company. Essentially, what the company will be doing is helping small and medium sized organizations build sales management systems. Instead of an entrepreneur worrying about making sales calls, taking orders, distributing products, checking on if a company needs reorders, checking on if products are displayed in the appropriate manner, S & G Services (that’s the name) will take care of that!

The reason I so readily jumped at this opportunity is that it aligns itself quite nicely with my first enterprise – Crimson-Jade Consulting Inc. – the entity which designs and executes marketing strategies as well as measures the effectiveness of those strategies.

In designing marketing strategies, one of my recommendations for B2B enterprises has often been personal selling. However, personal selling was one area that Crimson-Jade did not have the resources to execute. Now, with a sister company providing such services (Crimson-Jade will have an ownership stake in the new company), I can offer a complete marketing and sales solution to clients.

S&G has already secured its first client and I am preparing my sales approach. I don’t intend to continue to be a sales person; my intent is to manage a personal selling and fulfilment company. However I want to understand the process thoroughly so I can train sales persons effectively. I want my future sales persons to know that I’ve treaded the path and understand clearly what their job entails. I think the months of being on the ground trying to make sales will be invaluable. After all, sales are the lifeblood of any business and every entrepreneur should know how to secure a sale.

I’m also looking forward to this opportunity because it forces me to look more closely at shopper marketing, i.e. understanding how consumers behave as shoppers and using that knowledge to optimize marketing efforts to increase the probability of gaining a sale. I love the idea of being on the ground and trying to make things happen. I’m really quite excited right now!  I will definitely keep you posted along the way.

Marketing is completely awesome!

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