Ask the Entrepreneur: Jane Glazer, founder of QCI Direct

by Jane Glazer

Question: What made you decide to start your business?

I started my business in 1983 for all the wrong reasons. I had been teaching mathematics for over seven years, and my three children were all the same ages as my students.  I felt that someone suffered dailyif not the students, then my kids. If not my kids, then the students. I don’t think anyone was meant to have that many 11-13 year olds at one time! So business sounded different and exciting, and my husband assured me it would be a part-time experience. He was right!  I only work the hours I am awakeso much for part time.

Question: What was a challenge you faced while growing your company?

Challenges? Obstacles? Are you kidding? Being an entrepreneur is an obstacle race that never gets to the finish line.  My first obstacle was not knowing anything. No accounting background, no business plan, no strategic thinking. Honestly, there were several mentors and advisors at the beginning who told me NOT to do this.

Question: What piece of advice would you give to future female entrepreneurs?

So now, 31 years later, what advice would I give other soon-to-be entrepreneurs? Go for it! It is the most addicting adventure I have ever pursued. And I don’t say that without having had other experiences. I trained and ran the NYC Marathon, I did whitewater rafting, I learned how to fly a plane. But being an entrepreneur is the one I keep pursuing.  It challenges my mind, my level of energy, my ability to deal with people, and my love of adventure.  And someday, who knows? Maybe I really will get to the finish line.

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